S i m p l i f y:
your people will find you.
Solar Plexus; it learned –
you can be assertive
IN your compassionateness,
embrace your trauma;
open heartedness
is you.

S e l f a w a r e n e s s:
finding lightness
at the same time as fighting for justice
and knowing, whats true.
“your DNA drives your intuition”
so reclaim your ancient truth.

E m b o d i m e n t:
we dont always have to be rising,
chasing “new realms” –
the earth’s great too.
lioness hibernation,
nuzzle into truth.

S e n s i t i v i t y:
versus emotion,
to grow in sensitivity whilst
becoming less emotional,
never suffocate your feelings,
they connect you to the kingdom,
your roots.

treehouse of love

is where you’ll find me,
two hands on the earth,
I’m healed.
What is a home?
Is it a sense of being held
that we must both extend to others
and tap to, within?

The summer of love is here,
crown me with leaves
collage-me-up with rose petals
brush trees bark
against my brain.
Pass the wisdom
seek the nectar,
the miracle of the everyday.
Everyday love never goes away.

Treehouse of love,
I want you both
I want foundation
but I want to play;
Earth’s belly,
we are all caterpillars learning
to crawl
in the hay.

Kundalini Grounding,
I’m in love with the everyday.


Tunnel into the heart
turn my ember into flame,
rebuild the fire
anahata –
burning with the every day.
i was almost going to mute myself
now, i want to be in love again.
chapter 14 – what mountain are you climbing, next?


What if you don’t know your culture?
what if you don’t have a ‘crew’?
and what if you’ve got to work hard,
work hard to get back to you?

What if you know what sings to your soul,
and have a fierce love in everything you do?
what if you yearn to tie pieces together
feeling great trust in the universes’ grooves?

Does the spider weaving
know where she’s going?
or is she guided by what’s in tune?

What if you don’t have your vision yet?
you want to help others
but people keep saying –
“no, just do you”?

What if you feel such oneness with strangers;
but you feel lost and alone in a crew?
do you have to seek out solitude
or will solitude find you?

Find that inner forest,
grow that forest inside of you.
create your calmness in the chaos –
yes, you can make a five year plan
but sometimes, you’ll have to
wear a wooly hat in june.

What i really want to know
is – does it take one
or does it take two?
till then i’ll keep stepping my steps
to the small swirls of truth.

arcs & archways

Arcs and archways;
making people feel a sense of home.
weaving stories,
together in a kitchen
making the cogs turn.
Dancing with the camera,
“its the relationship between whos in front of
and behind the lens” that makes it work.
facilitating connections,
learning perspectives
from all corners of the world;
From steamed corn-husk rituals in brazil,
to buffalo meat momos in nepal.
it makes my skin tingle
visualising the possibilites
of an abundant, overflowing world.
And how theres always an open door,
waiting – even if you have to close some first.
a home from home in everyone,
when you lead with open heart
Team conversations,
treasuring voice notes,
we need each other
to grow ideas –
entrepenuer doesnt mean solo;
lean into friendships
dont slip into fear.
These are things that make me feel centred,
help me build confidence try stay true;
go forth and make connections
but most importantly –
what is you telling you?

Santorini Dreams

Lavender and olive branch
tickling my nose,
warm black sand between my toes
honeycake drenched with
syrup, pistachio and rose.
ice cream of tangerine dreams and
soft yogurt, plumped with juicy marmalade
on a rum n dark chocolate so rich
you get lost in each lick,
it drips:
down into the cone,
like the ball of a
sleepy orange sun
or lazy lava into your
evening-calmed bones.
deep breaths, clarity
mountain skies
books that align,
and make you cry;
sea breeze sahara winds
and roaring planes cutting skies,
locals pushed out of the mountains
for white dome glamour where people climb.
record scorching temperatures, rising rents
teachers sleeping in tents
“oh we have that back home'”,
“but we are an island – where do we go?”
and below, the volcanic massiveness
letting us roam, reminding in rumbles
to respect eachothers home.

pillow pause

I lay in bed and held myself,
said no to the busy the world;
comfy sweatshirt, sun-spills through
the curtain – “just five minutes”,
that turned into more.

I wasn’t tired, just craving a moment –
a moment to listen to the small;
like a aeroplane heading for touchdown
because something inside said, pause.

That pure joy of recognising blissful comfort –
head sinking into a pillow that feels endless,
but at the same time, walled.
A time capsule to bring yourself back to what’s needed,
as a slow smile creeps up into your jaw.

You surrender yourself to f e e l i n g,
at that very moment – you could want
nothing more. you hold yourself
in this plume of surrender –
cause you know,
you know that soon
it will burst.

this is my home

Take me to the atlas mountains of morocco,
Take me to the rolling hills of thailand for steaming spicy fish and mango sticky rice –
Take me to the himalayan mountains
To connect with the temples,
Guru nanak and the stars.
But there is nothing quite like home,
is there?
That sense of return;
The pathway
With rose pink petals
to welcome you
The pine tree sways
And the first, true
Cracks of sun of the year come
Through and
Onto your surfaced
And drip
Into your bones.
It’s not summer till my bones are warm,
And I am home.
B l i s s e d
Out – the sun makes it all seem
Released, pent up from the cold
Like the crack-open satisfaction sound
of a fizzy can of coke.
Mum’s chicken curry
Smells greet me as I walk through the door –
Dad’s pots of flowers on the patio.
I look up to the skies with a heart so,
Bloody grateful and
Full that the
Birdsong, knows.
Feeling lost… “who am I” but
Today i understand, i feel, i know.
This, this is my home.

crisis of longing

Are we in a crisis of longing? Today this came to me and i cant shake from my mind. Feels like more than ever we are craving humaness and eachother and depth but the obstacles are huge outside.

In rapture, I closed my eyes and visualised I was an eagle spreading my wings after diving off a cliff in a state of climbing-rise, i was rising and falling all at the same time and as my wings flapped a rainbow burst out of the shoulder blades by my spine, in bliss and beauty a fountain of passion and life.

Its a weird time.

Life seems a comedy and nightmare and mess and all the problems spiral till you feel scattered and not know whether to laugh or cry. neurons shooting and sparking inside our compacted too small minds yearning for a vaster container to collide, bubbling and bubbling making new electric currents constantly bashing against Time.

Know Thyself.

What chimes.